DeNoise AI ... Wacom Intuos Pro not working

Hi, OK this is a little bit of a rant.
On the Facebook page of Topaz labs the first item as of today is all about Topaz Denoise AI with the statement ‘Over the last decade’ as the first four words yet Denoise AI will not work with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. I have the Studio with other Topaz products, AI clear, Impression and Textures and along with the others that are free with studio ALL of these work with my Wacom Intuos Pro but the new AI Denoise does not work at all as a stand alone or when called from Studio so I evoked a ticket to Topaz as follows (Just had to install a new SSD and Topaz products and yet again I cannot get Topaz DeNoise AI to work with my Wacom tablet, works if I plug in a Microsoft mouse but AI cannot do anything via the tablet and yes I have the latest drivers for everything installed (New Drive) also installed twice from my backup and then downloaded again from Topaz site but still not working with Wacom Tablet. As a side note ALL other software Lightroom 6, Luminar and Topaz studio and other Topaz software inside studio work fine.) The reply to the ticket (Currently, our products do not support Wacom tablets or their pen functionality. Our team is working to make our products more compatible with these tablets, but only desktop and laptop computers are supported at this time.) If you note in the reply ’ only desktop and laptop computers are supported at this time’ and in my request I wrote ‘Just had to install a new SSD’ So do these people who reply to requests actually no about the software of just use a kop out reply? Sorry for such a long post but to be honest if this customer service from a company that is proud to boast ‘Over the last decade’ IMO not very good!!! Russ.


As I have said elsewhere - AI is a technology which needs to learn to walk before it can run. It holds fantastic prospects, and can take some time for us users and Topaz both to implement properly.

It has been noticed that the new AI technology is pushing all our hardware to the extreme. AI will find your hardware out, and it is true that the 16Gb memory, 4Gb VRAM is the very, very basic minimum for a system. Many have found that it is not enough (including myself - but I am in the fortunate situation to have been able to upgrade my system bigtime).

I know that knowing that is no help.

AI, and the response of the community which uses Topazlabs products, is proving a hard task-master: Topazlabs are very busy dealing with the myriad enquiries generated by the large numbers of problems which the roll-out of AI is bringing with it. I can only counsel patience and belief in the products which Topazlabs are producing.

If it’s all proving too much - it would be a pity to see you give up on Topazlabs and walk away - but that does remain an option open to you. They have hundreds of enquiries to deal with, and I am sorry that you are losing patience.

Hi, Yes OK I realise that tech takes time but the email I received stated ’ We just released DeNoise AI our next-generation AI noise removal software. You get it for free because you already own AI Clear or Topaz DeNoise’ so will AI clear still be supported as this does work with a Wacom tablet on a PC Win 10 64 bit 16GB RAM ? Thankyou.

@russellsnr I have a Windows 10 PC and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and the pen works fine with Denoise AI. I can use either the mouse or pen to move sliders or click buttons.

Same for me with the Wacom tablet, it works fine. My drives are only SSDs.

Make sure that Windows Ink is not activated to have the Wacom Tablet work correctly.

AI Clear will be a feature inside the new Denoise AI …

Hi, Thankyou AiDon turning OFF Win Ink did the trick. May I suggest that Topaz give some advice on this on there download page. Thankyou. Russ


To turn off Windows Ink for your Wacom Tablet, open the Wacom Properties Utility and find the box as shown below.