DeNoise AI v2.0.0 weird color artifact

I am using Windows version of DeNoise AI v2.0.0. Today noticed some weird color artifact when processing my TIF file (exported from Sony RAW thru Capture One). It doesn’t happen in previous version. Refer to attached pic below

In Mode DeNoise AI, when the Remove Noise increases to certain level, it will show in editor Preview screen, sometimes it will show after Save (to TIF file). This does not happen to every pic. Due to privacy, I am not able to provide original pic in this case. However, I do Topaz team able to figure out what is actually causing the issue. This is a very clear bugs.

Not happenning in AI Clear thought.

This is the Save settings I use

Happenning not just 1 pic, but various other pic as well.


Please raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website.