DeNoise AI v1.2.1 saved DNG files come out black and white

The saved denoised DNG images from DeNoise AI v1.2.1 come out black and white. I tried with several different files and it is the same. Please see below.

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Can you say what “files” you are saving from. From the name it seems like a Mobile Phone image, what is the model and are you using RAW, JPEG etc., etc. as input?

The images I used were taken with Samsung S10. I shot them in RAW mode which saves DNG files. I dragged these DNG files in DeNoise AI.

The latest support for Samsung is the S9, the S10 is not supported yet. I would suggest, if you have access to PS or Affinity Photo, try opening them there and see what happens. If they open OK save as TIF and then run them through DeNoise.

In this case it isn’t Adobe DNG but RAW captured in DNG such as Pentax etc. do.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying this, @AiDon . I’ll try exporting these S10 images to TIFF before using DeNoise AI.

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