DeNoise AI Update notices to frequent

Recently when I take a photo from PS to Denoise, a box appears asking me to upgrade or download the last Denoise (2.12?). I already have the last one downloaded and usable on my IMac. I do not want to each time download it. I end up using a different app for decreasing the noise… Is there a way without updating to the latest and use the app version I presently have?

You can bock the annoying reminder to upgrade using an app like Radio Silence. You should be able to use the version you have anyway, by clicking the Close button, providing its specs match those of your system.

You can delay the notices with the pull down box on the left of the dialog.

You do realize that using a application like Radio Silence will also block the license check mechanism which will mean you cannot use the app.

I think you should advise people to raise a support request at the main website where they can suggest a delay they will be happy with.

Thanks for mentioning that, Don. However, I have just used Radio Silence to block my copy of DeNoise and I was still able to use the app.

Thanks for all the suggestions and I will try all, when I get a chance.