Denoise AI skips some areas of the photo

I love Denoise AI but find that 90% of the time I use it in AI Clear mode. I don’t use Denoise mode because frequently Denoise mode leaves the noise in some area of the image. Denoise seems to do a better job than AI Clear in many cases but the amount of time required to carefully scan the entire image at 100% looking for areas that were not processed is not worth it. Particularly since the only fix is to reprocess the image in AI Clear so I may as well start with AI Clear in the first place.

This problem has been around since the betas of Denoise AI and has been discussed from time to time. Is there any workaround or any hope that this will be fixed? Surely there is a way to train the algorithm to process the entire image. Thanks.

You should raise a support request at the main website and provide real examples of this issue you are experiencing.