DeNoise AI saved DNG not compatible with other editors like Affinity Photo 2 or Capture One Pro

If I open up a Sony Raw file (ARW) with DeNoise AI, the resulting DNG cannot be opened with Affinity Photo 2, Capture One Pro. They state it as not supported, though other DNGs work flawlessly.
This is a major bug, since at least high ISO images benefit hugely from the RAW model and this is what I paid for.

Please help.

Where do the DNGs that work flawlessly come from? Capture One docs suggest that not all flavours of DNG are supported:

Affinity might be similar.

Just created a DNG from a Nikon NEF in DeNoise AI v3.7.2 and then sucessfully imported that into Capture One Pro 23. So perhaps a Sony specific issue with that camera model?

Just did the same with Sony ARW from an A7Siii and that imported fine too. So maybe it is camera specific.

It works for DNGs from: Capture One, Imaging Edge Desktop, Affinity, Adobe Bridge, …
Funny enough, DNGs from Topaz Photo AI work. Shouldn’t they have the same issue? Looks like a Denoise AI bug to me :frowning:
I am not the only one having the issue, see Topaz DeNoise DNG file not recognised - Photo 2 Bugs found on Windows - Affinity | Forum
According to someone of this thread, Topaz Support said it was a 3.7.0 issue, but I use 3.7.2 and still have it :frowning:

PS: I have a Sony A7 III and a Sony a6300, same issue with both of them.

PS: Thanks for the fast reply anyway! :slight_smile:

I tried reinstalling Denoise AI from scratch, same issue. The strange thing is, Windows states them as 256x171 px. Strange bug.

That’s just the size of the embedded thumbnail image. They currently don’t embed a fullsize preview.

I’ve done a bit more testing with an A7iii and A6300 ARW. Everything imports fine into Capture One Pro and opens in Photoshop, but Affinity Photo 2 and DxO Photolab 6 do not like the DNGs generated from the Sony ARWs at all. However the DNG generated from the Nikon NEF is fine in all programs tested. This is looking like a much more complicated issue.

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Thanks for testing. I only have Capture One Pro 21 for testing, maybe 23 is better supported somehow?