Denoise AI - raw / jpeg /dng what to use?

It appears that jpeg files (not raw) need to be brought into TopazDeNoise AI in order to batch process. They are saved as dng or jpeg files. If I am using Photoshop (Elements 2020) and I bring the batch-processed files back into Photoshop for more editing, have all the pixels that were contained in the original RAW file (saved to JPEG for import into Topaz) been lost?
I am confused as to whether I should take the original photos in RAW format or move back to JPEG?

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I’m not sure what you are trying to say you can input tif, jpeg or png. DeNoise AI will process images and save as your specified output format. I haven’t heard any cases of pixels being lost.

Sorry for the confusion! Let me reword this.
When I use Elements 2020, I use it on the raw files I have opened. My first step is usually to use DeNoise AI on the raw files. I can then move on to other edits using the same raw files (and all raw pixels).
If I want to batch process a number of raw files in Topaz deNoiseAI, this has to be done outside of Elements 2020 and can only be done to jpeg files (…is that right?). [this means I have to first save those files as jpegs from Elements 2020 and a certain percentage of pixels are lost in doing this]. so…am I wasting my time in working with RAW files instead of jpegs?

That never has been so because DeNoise will not update RAW files, nothing will update RAW files because they are propriety to the camera manufacturer.
So it is always better to work on RAW data as it is not compressed.

You have an option to process RAW files in DeNoise but the output file will be one of DNG, TIF, JPG or PNG … whatever you select. Note that the RAW files need to be a supported type:

I am not sure what you mean by a certain percentage of pixels are lost when saving as a JPEG?? The resulting JPEG image saved from Elements should be as per your camera specification.

When I open Elements 2020 Editor, I call in an .orf file (raw). It comes into Elements and I have the image on a layer. I call this a raw file, although technically it is now a .psd file, which allows me to use all of the pixels originally contained in the .orf file (…or that is what I assume). I was always told that taking an image in jpeg format did not capture as many pixels as RAW format would.
…regardless of my terminology causing confusion, for which I apologize, you have answered my original question. Thank you.