DeNoise AI - problem on sending multiple photos with LightroomClassic


I’m having a trouble when I tried to process multiple photos between Lightroom classic (LRC) and DeNoise AI.
The # of photos passing to DeNoise AI is around 10 to 80. It looks no matter how much passing to DeNoise AI.

In case of passing photos from LRC to DeNoise AI, I have encountered
a) DeNoise AI doesn’t start.
b) DeNoise AI starts but batch shows not all photos
c) DeNoise AI starts with mutiple windows (each window has multiple photos, why divided?)
d) Denoise AI starts with all sellected photos (this is expected work).

Case a, b, or c is the error case. the case b bothers me most, because I need to specify which is processed or not, and always need to count the # of photos on the one selecting on LRC and the one showing on DeNoise AI.

I’m wondering sometimes it works fine as case d even same photos are selected.

In addition, process of DeNoise AI sometimes remains even it finished processing all photos to return LRC. Such zombied process causes case a next time. So I always check the remaining process on task manager, and kill it when it remains.

Please advice to treat multiple photos from LRC to DeNoise AI.

My environment.
I’m using DeNoise AI 3.0.2 and Lightroom classic 10.2 now, but this issue has been happened for 6 monthes or more.

WIndows 10 64bit latest version
CPU: Core i7-6700
RAM:64GB (usually 50% consumption)
GPU: GeForce GTX1060 6GB

Thank you.

I’m not sure this issue is done whether lightroom or Denoise AI.

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