Denoise AI Masking Issues

Just wanted to report some issues I recently noticed. These haven’t happened to me before, so maybe they have something to do with the most recent update?

  1. The edge-aware setting is only functional at 81% opacity or higher. If I set it any lower, it will show where I’m masking, but the red overlay will disappear when I’m finished with a brush stroke.

  2. The red overlay can disappear after a brush stroke regardless of the settings. It tends to occur after multiple attempts at getting the mask just right. Once it does, this can continue with every brush stroke until I close and reopen the image. Deleting, clearing, or removing the mask has no effect on this as far as I’ve seen.

  3. When masking large areas, sometimes the red overlay will be splotchy, for lack of a better term. Not everything I masked will be covered by the overlay, there will be unaffected splotches within the masked area. It happens at random for all I can tell, but I got a screenshot after seeing if it would happen again. I’d rather not just mask the splotches either since that would create build-up effects.

I am not sure if the real experts look at this forum on a regular basis (many think it’s superfluous anyway). So if you don’t get a response, post on the forum for DeNoise AI 2.2:

I have never had occasion to use masking in DeNoise, but do so frequently in Sharpen AI. I have seen the same splotchiness in the red overlay but don’t think it carries over into the mask itself. It’s difficult to tell, though, since there is no way so far of taking a close look at the mask or saving it.
I am curious why there is an opacity option anyway, but was not involved in the beta testing of this product. I’d have thought the same thing could be achieved by leaving opacity at 100% and then adjusting the noise and sharpening sliders to requirement.

I prefer to use the mask at 50% to preserve some details in shadows that otherwise get blurred with noise reduction. I realize I could do the same thing with the ‘Recovering Original Detail’ slider, but that has the downside of reintroducing noise into the background.

And thanks, I’ll repost on that forum if need be.

Splodgy masking can be down to feathering or hardness settings. When infilling large areas, make the brush fill right to the edge by setting zero feathering.

Thank you for the tip!

Helpful. Thanks.