Denoise AI installation does not install Lightroom plugin-extras; how to manually install?

denoise ai version 3.7.2
LR classic 12.5

I want to use the plugin-extras integration because it supports RAW, but it’s not auto-installed. The edit-in integration was auto-installed properly. But the plugin-extras menu doesn’t even have any of the TopazLabs plugins installed.

How do I manually install the plugin-extras integration? I’ve already tried re-installing from the menu and re-installing denoise AI but neither path works. Log files also don’t show any mention of errors when installing plugins.

do you have the solution? I have the same problem


There are lots of us with the same problem, creating a ticket after hours and hours of messing around, like many others have is not what I should have to do. Ive lots of paid work waiting to be edited but need this Plugin to work so am stuck. Should have bought Luminare Neo.