Denoise AI installation does not install Lightroom plugin-extras; how to manually install?

denoise ai version 3.7.2
LR classic 12.5

I want to use the plugin-extras integration because it supports RAW, but it’s not auto-installed. The edit-in integration was auto-installed properly. But the plugin-extras menu doesn’t even have any of the TopazLabs plugins installed.

How do I manually install the plugin-extras integration? I’ve already tried re-installing from the menu and re-installing denoise AI but neither path works. Log files also don’t show any mention of errors when installing plugins.

do you have the solution? I have the same problem


There are lots of us with the same problem, creating a ticket after hours and hours of messing around, like many others have is not what I should have to do. Ive lots of paid work waiting to be edited but need this Plugin to work so am stuck. Should have bought Luminare Neo.

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Seems like this may be some attempt to push folks to the new product. I can’t see any other reason not to include the plugin anymore. Breaking functionality is a good way to get us to recommend other products. First they break VideoAI with a new version and now they are going after DeNoise AI?

I can tell you what feedback I will give folks on all the new Topaz product videos. Don’t rely on Topaz Products. I will point at this thread. Spread the word to help others become aware when a vendor does not support the product.

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Link to this post, in case they take down the link button. Denoise AI installation does not install Lightroom plugin-extras; how to manually install?

Same problem here and I am getting fed up with this, and with Topaz in general. Way to go, make a full time pro user into a NON-fan. This constant guessing which plugins will work; and now the disastrous new UI in AI Photo… I am this close to pulling the plug. I am running a business, not a troubleshooting service. Oh yeah and the constant “re-validate”, making ke scramble to fins user IDs/emails and passwords… not impressed.