DeNoise AI - Better DNG export

It would be great if DeNoise AI could output a DNG that would allow LR to apply camera profiles to the resulting file. I’m not sure what needs to be done to enable this but Irident has achieved this with the X-Transformer App. You can get a sharpened and NR file that you can still do a proper WB on and apply a camera profile.

If Denoise AI and Sharpen AI could do the same it would be much, much, much (you get the idea) easier to start your workflow with Denoise AI. Starting with Denoise seems to give the best results but you currently you give up a lot of workflow functionality when you do so.


I now own DXO Pure Raw, Noise AI was my previous '‘go to’ noise program, but the one thing it couldn’t do was process and re export a RAW or DNG file that would retain its functionality in my photo editor program. Pure raw provides better noise reduction and add lens/vignette correction, whilst improving detail. more importantly, the exported DNG files retain full functionality in any program i choose to use. Topaz will also soon get additional competition from ON1 NoNoise which can process/export DNG like DXO can. Topaz need to raise their game and add full raw exporting that will work in any photo editor, or risk losing future new customers.

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Thanks for the advice. I am going to check out DxO. Unfortunately I think Topaz are going to miss the boat. I cannot open the output DNG file in a RawTherapee or Afinity, or anything actually.
The forums are stacked full of ongoing issues and I see no reason to part with money and to receive what looks like a year on year beta testing.
Disappointing but there it is…

I have On1 NoNoise. The DNG exported is not recognized by Lightroom, Same problem with Topaz output.