DeNoise AI Auto Lightness Preview

The Auto Brightness Preview is always on . To me it seems like it is on the Strong Setting. Clicking on the different options does not change the brightness of the preview. Also the output is also much brighter than the original so I believe that DeNoise AI is also outputting the image at a much higher exposure. The darker the image the more noticeable it is.

The auto brightness preview is only effective for dark images.

Your reply doesn’t address my concern. If you read my reply you can see that the image was being displayed and saved at a much higher exposure (much brighter) than the original.
The image was very dark and when read into DeNoise AI it was displayed much brighter than the original (about 2 stops) and also was saved much brighter. Clicking on the different Auto Brightness Preview settings had no effect.

Raise a support request at the Topaz Labs website if your image is saved brighter than it should be, the Auto Brightness preview is so you can view the effect of noise removal not as a adjustment for output and is not carried over.

Make sure you include all relevant information such as your PC details, input image type and export type along with the settings used.

As there is no before and after view here it is very difficult to see the difference between input and output.