Denoise AI and Sharpen AI edits do not show up in Lightroom

Howdy All,

I’m not sure if this has been addressed but I could not find any answers so I’m asking.
I have been using Denoise AI and Sharpen AI for a few days now and they seem to be great…But my issue is that when I edit a photo in LR with Denoise AI or Sharpen AI, the edited file does not show up in any of the modules of LR.
All the other plugins I have from Topaz shows the edited photo seamlessly after I have completed the edits. Other words, I can compare the original with the edited versions by simply using the compare feature or just scrolling back and forth between the original and the edited version of the same photo.
This does not work with any edits using the new AI version of the software.
I know the edit worked because if I browse to the folder on the computer using Windows Explorer it’s there…but not in LR.
Does this mean any edits using AI, I’ll have to reimport the folder to LR so as to view those files?
I hope you can understand my question…It sounds good in my head but not so good typed out!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Do not use the Save as button as that will save as a new file.

Instead use the File-> Save option or Ctrl+S and the image file sent by LR will be updated.

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I’ve tried this and it want’s to overwrite my original file. I don’t have this problem with other topaz plugins like adjust and impressions, they add edit to the file name and I keep my original file. Also when I did use save it didn’t seem to work as you say.

That is the way Lightroom works, you send an image to the receiving external application. The external application does it’s work and then updates the image passed which is then re-imported into Lightroom.

If you want to create another image using the Save as then you will have to synch the folder and import the image which will not be stacked with the original.

Lightroom has the following options for an external editor:

  • If you want a new copy and preserve the original, Edit a copy with Lightroom Adjustments
  • If you want to edit a copy without LR adjustments, Edit a Copy
  • If you just want to add the external editors changes and not retain Lightroom History, Edit Original

This is the way that lightroom works in order to maintain stacks, history etc.

Thanks for that, it seems to be working properly now. My problem was with Denoise and I didn’t see the edit in the filename before committing to save the file. I’ve noticed there’s been a couple of updates already to Denoise.

It would be nice if there would be a bit more consistency between the A.I. applications. I notice the popups don’t give the full description as there is not enough space to see the full description as in the filename and also talking about the change in brightness of photo, I can’t see the rest of the description, something about it won’t affect something.

Thanks for your help with this.

Here’s a link to an image of my choices when I want to make an edit with Sharpen AI and Denoise AI.

Since I’m new to the forum I can not upload an image.
AiDon’s solution worked for me but AI plugins work different the none AI plugins when it comes to saving adjustments, for me at least.
Thanks for all your help!

I just wanted to show everyone that my options are grayed out except for the “Edit a copy with LR Adjustments”.
Since I’m new I can not upload images so here’s a link.

AiDon’s suggestion worked, thank you…But it’s a different solution than none AI product plugins work, for me at least!
Thank you all for your suggestions.

That is because you are trying to edit a RAW image which LR won’t allow you to do.