DeNoise AI 3.2.0 - with "Auto" Setting On - you cannot enter a different number in the "Enhance Sharpness"

DeNoise AI 3.2.0 - With “Auto” Setting On - you cannot enter a different number in the “Enhance Sharpness” field and hit Enter to make a change. It will just kick it back to what it was.
You can do this on the other 3 settings and it will change.
This was an issue way back in version 3.0.3 and is still an issue.

Please let me know if this will be fixed soon.
Respectfully, Topaz User


You can certainly enter different values for “Recover Original Detail” and “Color Noise Reduction”, but they are Post-Processing settings and not subject to the Auto setting.

As you say, you can’t enter a new value for Enhance Sharpness whilst the Auto switch is enabled, and the same actually applies here to “Remove Noise”.

If you alter either of those settings by manually dragging the sliders, then when you release the left mouse button the Auto switch is disabled, which is logical, since you have over-ridden the Auto mode.

It is also sort of logical that you can’t manually alter the settings using the entry boxes until you disable Auto mode, however the difference between the way the entry boxes and the sliders act with the Auto switch is not at all consistent, and does need to be addressed.