Denoise AI 2.3.2 for mac buggy?

Edit: ver 2.2.12 reinstalled and is working fine.
Edit: Moving the sliders (sharpening AND NR) to 100% also has zero effect, auto preview on or off.
How can I re-install earlier version until this is resolved?


Updated Denoise AI to 2.3.2 and when an image is loaded, it runs the Generating Preview process 2-3 times, and when I adjust (Remove Noise, etc)…nothing changes (no change in noise). If selecting AI Clear or Low Light… no change in preview. When saving/exporting…no visible change in the noise level. Previous version had no issues (so why did I update? Good question)


I can assure you that v2.3.2 runs perfectly on my 2019 MacBook Pro running OSX Catalina. Have you checked your Advanced Preferences? In my case the recommended configuration is CPU with OpenVINO. Depending on your system that may differ. If you send a screenshot of your Graphics Info from the Help menu, someone with more tech knowledge than me might be able to help you further.

Awesome. I can assure you I have looked at my settings on my 2019 27" iMac running Mojave, revised, changed them from what I had on the previous version and it does zip. I’ll wait for another update and perhaps try again. But thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

Please go to Help-> Graphics info press Copy and paste the info here.

Thanks, will re-install and follow up accordingly later in the week, have some medical priorities to deal with first.