DeNoise AI 2.0 Crashes Immediately

I have tried to submit a ticket for this problem, but I get an error every time I actually submit the ticket!!!

Here is a description of the actual problem:

I am trying to run DeNoise 2.0, freshly installed, on a LARGE image inside of Photoshop. DeNoise AI crashes every single time it is launched with this particular image. It does NOT crash when I tried it with normal sized images. The image in question is 22647 x 3748 pixels. It is a composite created from 10+ other images, but it has been flattened down to a single layer.

Does anyone else have a problem with extremely large / wide images? If not, are they using the old version of DeNoise AI or the new one?

Does anyone else get an error after trying to submit a ticket?

PS I just tried opening the JPG version of the image directly in DeNoise AI. It does NOT crash. Hmmmm.

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It sounds like the image is too big for the program to handle. Try working on a smaller version of the picture ( resize it) and then upscale it to the size you want after the operation is done.

I’ll wait a couple of weeks to see what develops, but I simply can’t risk losing DenoiseAI out of my workflow because they didn’t test it sufficiently before release.


Hi, did you uninstall the previous version before installing the downloaded v2? If not uninstall the previous version.

Yes, I uninstalled the old one first. As I said, it worked on smaller images.

While I agree that the image is too big, the solution is for Topaz to fix the bug, NOT for me to sacrifice the quality of my image.