DeNoise 6 Tutorial

I owned DeNoise 6 before Denoise AI, and I recall a PDF file (I think it was a PDF) for DN6 that was a Topaz publication (and not the help file) that was a sort of tutorial on DN6 and the issues of noise control in general. I can’t remember the name but I do recall thinking after reading it, that I had learned not only DN6 better but understood noise control, in general, better.

I recall it explained the issue of differences in noise for red, green, & blue channels in some detail, it that’s any help.

I would like to recommend it to people struggling with Noise Control, but I don’t know of any link for it, or even it’s actual name. Can anyone help?

(BTW, if it’s in the Topaz archives somewhere, you Topaz guys might want to consider revising it to include Topaz AI. It would be less of an operational/instructional tool, for AI version, and more of an overview of the issues the AI version faces and how it addresses them!)

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Do you mean the User Manual? It can be accessed via the Help Menu and is downloadable as a PDF file.

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Try this: Video Tutorial For deNoise 6