DeNoise 3.7.0

When i first run *.ARW file trough Sharpen AI and save as DNG then load DeNoise AI and save as DNG again it results image that cannot be read by any program.

In general your products producing all kinds of weird results when saving as DNG…

The resizing bug seems to be fixed with this one, but it still falls over in a big heap if I batch process DNG’s using the RAW model using DeNoise as a stand alone Application, this one failed after 42 images, which is actually a bit lower than previous versions.

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Nach der Installation von Denoise 3.7.0 braucht jetzt mein JPG viel länger als vorher in 3.6.0 beim abspeichern des JPG!Bei der Version 3.6.0 ca 13 sec,jetzt bei 3.7.0 ca 24 sec ! Habe schon alles durchprobiert mit AI Processor Auto,CPU und Nvidia GTX1660! Auto und Nvidia sind gleich,CPU um vieles noch langsamer!

Vielleicht haben sie einen Tip dafür,liebe Grüße Güni :))

Thank you for letting us know about this conflict. We received reports of this and already created version which has fixed this crash.

Please download the following version to replace your current DeNoise v3.7.0.

If you are still having trouble after installing the above version, please email us at so we can assist you through our support channels.

Please email I will be able to address this behavior from there more easily.

If any users are experiencing conflicts emailing the address above will allow us to provide timely help to you.

And this is why Gigapixel has severe issues when loading models on 10 series because it tries to load those TensorRT models that are not compatible !
Hopefully they fixed it in DeNoise, but the issue still remains in Gigapixel because it has received no update since 6.1.0 was released, one month and a half ago.

Standard model creates artifacts on both CPU and GPU :

Wow, great support! I was able to resolve the issue by reinstalling my Nvidia video drivers and the issue disappeared but I will try the new version.

I have Nvidia GTX 1070 and it works fine with version 3.7

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I believe the models loaded are Tensor Flow, I have a GTX1050 and have no issues.

@golder-50350 That’s what I’ve said, GTX 10 work fine in DeNoise, but not in Gigapixel.

@AiDon Are you sure of that ? I have reached the support describing the issue, then after a while a developer answered me on the forums and acknowledged the issue, saying it will be fixed in the next update. So, there is (was) an issue with 10 series for sure, that was fixed in time for the DeNoise 3.7 release, but still remains in Gigapixel because it still did not receive any bug fix update since the Tensor models were released (one month and a half ago).
If you don’t trust me then check the original post. A developer answered just below.

Vielen Dank für den neuen Download,hab ich jetzt neu installiert,aber die Geschwindigkeit wurde damit nicht besser,allgemein wieder das gleiche Problem,liebe Grüße Güni:))

Fix works fine. Thanks

After installing Denoise 3.7 on Mac, all profiles apart from “clear” produce horizontal lines on the image making it totally unusable. With clear only it is ok, low light, standard etc have one and the same effect. I tried files from a Nikon D7500 and Z7, it’s the same. I use the Topaz Denoise on TIFF files converted from the original RAW with a converter program. Now I’m downloading the latest possible for download version 3.3.4. Any other solution?

Do you mean like this ?

Not exactly, semitrasparent stripes as if you watch through a matte glass, sometimes more striped, and usually with variations according to the % you are looking the image at. I can’t upload an image, sorry.

Can you define “severe issues”? I have a GTX 1060 and don’t have any issues with Gigapixel 6.1.

What is the “converter program” you use, you may need to supply the devs with an example image.

I have a 1050 and have no issues either, I wonder if @Louis_R is using a 10 series card and, if so, is the Studio driver he is using up to date?

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DeNoise AI can not run after v3.7.0 installed