Denoise 3.6 Color shift to .dng output

I did a search for color shift, but everything was from old versions.

Windows PC, Windows 11 Pro, i9-12900, AMD 5700XT, 64GB of memory.

The other day I sent an image from a D500 to Denoise AI 3.6, and told it to give me a .dng instead of a .tif. It came back with a very cyan sky. Profile was Standard at defaults. Ran the same image with tif output and it’s fine.

Installed 3.6.1 today and tried again. I TYPICALLY do basic adjustments in Lightroom before using Denoise so the image is reasonably properly adjusted. Tried that and with .dng output it’s still quite cyan.
Reset the image so everything was at zero and sent it again. Cyan color shift.
Sent it again and did RAW. Cyan color shift.
Rand it again to .tif output and it looks fine.

In retrospect, I think the reason I’ve BEEN sending everything to .tif for the last year is 'cause I get a color shift when sending to .dng.

Is there some setting in the preferences I should modify? I don’t see anything, and if this isn’t something simple, or if it’s a known problem, it’s not worth going through a lot of hassle to try to get support to do anything since I can always send the output to .tif.

In Processing/Save in Preferences do you have Apply RAW Color Correction turned on?

No. Should I? And if I do turn it on, what images will be affected by the setting? Only if I’m doing a .dng output or will it screw up .tifs or anything?

I think it should be off. I had problems with some images with it on.

As usual, it’s gotten weirder…

If I open Denoise standalone, I have a control to turn off Apply RAW Color Correction. If I do so, and open the raw file directly from Denoise, there’s no color shift in the .dng output.

BUT, if instead I export the raw file from Lightroom, when I get to Denoise, there is NO option to Apply RAW Color Correction. The control does not exist. And when the image comes back to Lightroom, it’s color shifted.

This has to be done using an export from Lightroom since the “normal” external editor doesn’t appear to have the ability to return a .dng file.

Previously, and I may be incorrect since it’s been a month or so since I did it, I could start Denoise standalone, and I’d just export images from Lightroom and process them. Much faster when you’re reviewing and want to see how some look - no time waiting for startup and all that.

Anyhow, in 3.6.1, I don’t appear to be able to do that any more. I’m not sure what it IS doing, but I get a .dng file in Lightroom and nothing goes over the Denoise.

So, at the moment, for the way I need to use Denoise, I can’t sent it a .dng file because I don’t appear to have a way to tell Denoise NOT to apply color correction that screws up the color.

Do you need to use dng files? I get along quite well with tiff files.

Do I NEED to? No. Do I believe Topaz should properly support them so I CAN, ABSOLUTELY.

As I said in the original post, this isn’t making the product unusable, just LESS capable.