Denoise 3.1.1 not as good!

Hi guys,
I have been using your great denoise program for sometime now and although, i love the program, it seems that the latest versions, not as good as the original. The image quality has somehow gone worse when you try to clean an image. What is the best way to rollback to an earlier version?
Does anyone else have the same issue ( poor results) or is just me?


I couldn’t say whether it is “just you”, and it’s early days for me with the new 3.3.1 version, but I’m personally quite happy at the moment with it.

Like possibly many others, I updated from the previous version, so I don’t have the previous version installed to do an detailed comparison of the results of the two different versions on the same image. As I usually use DeNoise fairly early in my workflow, I don’t have any “denoised only by previous versions” to directly compare.

The new version is working well with the test images I’ve given it, and the “Severe Noise” mode has enabled me to get a better result with one of the more difficult ones than I remember previously being able to achieve.

Thanks for your input, i have now rolled back to an older version (2.1.12) and I’m happy with the results again! Sometimes, if its not broken don’t try to fix it! :smile:

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How did you roll back? Everything I do in 3.1.1 has jagged edges, even with sharpening turned off…

I keep all downloaded EXE files of Topaz so the last version i was very happy with was 2.1.12 so I’ve re-installed that version and it has over-written the 3.x.x version.

The new 3.1.1 lacks of sharpness adjustments.
Sharpness can be aproved still only a little bit.
I will roll back to older versions until this problem is solved.

For me the only filter that works badly is the “Clear” ( over sharpen, with too much detail removed) Standard “De-noise” and “low light” are totally useless!

Hi the latest version 3.1.1 is shocking , can someone lease tell me how to roll back to a previous version

After watching Rob Trek’s DXO PureRaw vs Topaz Denoise AI on YouTube I am disappointed in Topaz Labs. Is there something else Mr. Trek could have done to get similar results as DXO? It was a night and day difference.

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I do have exactly the same problem. Sharpening is gone from this version, it seems!!! what a shame. I am rolling back to old version.

Im on 3.1.2 & it’s terrible. Barely makes any difference to images whereas before it was amazing.

I was the same so I rolled back to Version 2.3.6 and it works perfect for me.
I use the windows version

Try this link Product Releases - Topaz Discussion Forum