Demon Pumpkin Monster Tree Killer

Happy Halloween!

I created this composite with a shot of the (poor) big tree that just died in front of my house in the past few weeks (so sad!), a mini white pumpkin (~ 3.5") that’s on my porch, and a headshot of a guy.

I put just the eyes and mouth from the headshot onto the pumpkin. Then added that composited pumpkin to the trunk of the large tree that just died. With all the branches on the tree I thought it looked like flailing arms and the body of a boy emerging from inside the tree trunk. So, I decided he’s the monster pumpkin boy who ate his way from the inside out of my tree and killed it in the process.

It seemed appropriate for Halloween today…


Well done and very creative.

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Creative and fun …

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Thx Kathy! Hope you had a good Halloween…

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Thx Bob! I appreciate it…

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