Deleting your account/profile?

How do you delete your account/profile?

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It is part of a single sign on so you will need to delete your account at the main website. To update just click on Preferences on your page.

Just go to settings and find your profile or account and there you will find an option to completely remove your account.

The option to remove one’s account seems to have disappeared. There is no ‘preferences’ section anywhere either. You probably have to write to support now just to be removed from their database. Annoying.

There is your profile on this site but to remove your account it has to be done from the main Topaz Labs website because there is a single sign-on system in place.

As for your profile just click on your icon and it will be opened.

The button to do that isn’t there. Did they remove the ability to delete your account?

No idea, you will have to ask at the main website, raise a support request there. I suspect that you wouldn’t be able too if you own or have owned product.

So all I have to do is raise a support request there and I can delete it? I don’t own any products so I should be fine right?

(Sorry for the late response btw)

((P.S. Is there anyway you can send me a link or photo of the site where I can go to raise a support request? Thanks.))