Deleted effects continue to come back

When first starting to use Topaz Studio, my older Clarity plug in presets got imported
to Studio as effects (without proper settings by the way).

In the process of creating new effects I decided to delete these old ones. Well it “seemed”
like they deleted. A few days later they were back. Deleted again. Once again a few
days later they came back.

I did post a support ticket and it was received. Then a few days later received an
email saying that the ticket was going to be automatically marked as solved, even though
the issue still exists.

We’re up to Studio 1.5.2 and still these deleted effects still keep coming back!

Am I alone with this issue?

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I haven’t deleted any presets so I can’t confirm.

Did the email say why it was solved? Did you respond to the email to keep the ticket open?

All the “followup” email stated that it was going to be “automatically” marked as solved.

And yes, I did reply expressing my discontent with the fact that how can something
be marked solved and yet the problem still exists!

Where are these saved anyway? Maybe some manual manipulation can be done?
Also would like to know just for the sake of making a backup copy.

What is bad is that it looks like deletions worked, only to re-appear a few days later.
To make matters worse, there is a text corruption issue (ticket active) that makes it
even more difficult to sift through the “deleted ones” to find the ones I want.

The old “plug in” approach worked exceptionally well. This new paradigm has seem to be
one issue after another. Released before really ready for prime time?

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I have issues with deleting presets as well. I find that some have the option to delete them and others don’t…why?

It would be nice if we were able to backup and delete these presets manually.