Deinterlacing option for all Models?

VEAI has the best deinterlacing I have come across in video software, but it’s not in some of the other models such as Proteus (my favourite). It would be nice to see deinterlacing options with the other Models?

i don’t understand your request / questions. the de interlacing model are separated mode from upscalling. it’s two differents things. you have models for de interlacing, and models for de interlacing. what do you ? having mdels which do everything at the same time ?

Other video editing software has the option to chain different operations together, and deinterlacing is just one of them. You have a stack of filters that deinterlace, crop, denoise, upscale, etc…

Perhaps this generalized implementation should be added to VEAI as well?
Sure technical requirements might make that difficult, it takes a lot of VRAM to run these models, but since there already is a feature to curtail memory usage of one algorithm this might be feasible.

If you take a 24fps DVD for instance you’d want to first deinterlace, then upscale and finally interpolate the frame rate.


ah yes, thanks for the clarification, i understand better ;). As i don’t use the interlaced feature of VEAI (i use something else), but yes, i see the interest. VEAI is still in an early version, but if you noticed, kind of all topaz software with time are using kind of the same way to work (sharpen, denoise, gigapixel etc) and with time, VEAI is starting to look like them too. so i’m pretty confident that at some points, your suggestion, is what is planned for VEAI. maybe not a chain of models, but having it as an option in a model like Proteus (for de interlacing, like they did with denoise, deblur etc…), for example (who knows…). !

you get my vote :wink: !

That’s what I was trying to suggest in my original post as well, but obviously I didn’t explain my thought properly.

Even with ‘added feature’ of not saving the sound? (which used to work fine for me in all previous versinos …)