Deinterlacing bad source

I’v found that there are a lot of interlaced content that has this problem in source:

When top or bottom or both fields already have “blended” result (as on left field in example).

Its a good idea to make more training (or new model) that will learn to deinterlace it somehow.
Available models deinterlace it good (considering that in a lot of fps its not seen by eye), but not excellent. Frames contain lines where blended parts were.


X-Men The Animated Series DVDs have this issue, where frames are blended on top of interlacing. It would be really great if AI could could sort this out. I was experimenting with Srestore plugin with mixed results, but gave up for now.

Same with Spider-Man Animated Series. Captain Power. And looks like many many more…
When only one field is blended it can be dropped and picture can be restored by AI.
But when both fields are blended. Not sure.
And when many consecutive frames all have both fields blended… (saw it in Captain Power).