Deinterlace and frame rate

I have VOB files that are 480i - 29.97 frame rate.
The settings I use are upscale to HD - 2x deinterlace (59.98)
I have also done the upscale to HD keeping original frame rate at 29.97
Using chrono fast and chrono with Dione TV along with Dione TV halo.
Not seeing much difference between the mix of these settings.
Am I gaining anything by 2x deinterlace (59.98) or should I keep original frame rate?

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Hi Michael - it’s particularly because of that really annoying 2x frame rate issue that I use HandBrake for deinterlacing / decombing AND it’s about 100x faster. I find it absolutely pointless and a total waste of time that Topaz double the frame rate without any visible benefit. When I’ve looked at the result frame by frame, all alternate frames appear to be duplicates, as far as I can tell. Even if there are marginal benefits somewhere (that I haven’t seen) WHY can’t Topaz just offer the OPTION of the original frame rate without the additional “slow motion” processing of Chronos? Just to remove the duplicate (or near duplicate) frames they’ve added? For goodness sake, Topaz.



Thanks for your response.
Sounds like you suggest upscale to HD at 29.97 using chrono with no slow motion?
These are 80’s music videos so I won’t get great quality but the interlace is an issue when playing on a 1080p projector. Any other tips?

It’s been awhile since I looked it up, but sources like VHS tapes are interlaced and can only truly be deinterlaced into 59.98fps. DVDs were made to be able to store and recreate VHS content. I think you are supposed to pick the Interlaced progressive models for common DVDs. (VOB files.)
All my old family videos were recorded straight onto VHS tapes. That’s why I looked up how best to deinterlace them. It was much more complicated than I expected.

I have not yet done a direct comparison to see the differences in final quality, but I can definitely recommend the QTGMC filter for deinterlacing, found in the “Hybrid” program!