Dehaze a photo taken in bad atmospheric conditions

I thought I could de-haze this, but so far not having much luck. I was only here for one day, and the atmosphere was pretty bad. This is taken from Signal Mountain in Wyoming, looking at the Grand Tetons which are about 12 miles away. Minolta 600mm F4 plus 2x teleconverter on Sony A99ii.

Any suggestions?

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Did you create a RAW file, or a JPEG?

I have both.

With a quick try to my own tastes, this was the best I could do with the Jpeg. I think better results could be had with the raw file.

Affinity Photo (or TStudio-2) → Dehaze/Levels/Contrast → Topaz Adjust-AI → Topaz DeNoise

With the raw file, I think it might be possible to retain some of the golden light and then bring up the other shadows. I wasn’t able to do that very well with the Jpeg (not surprising).

You’ll get more dynamic range in editing with the RAW file versus the JPG

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Agreed. I do all my editing starting from the RAW files, but this example, in particular, really requires it for best results.

I don’t seem to be able to upload the raw.

The raw file probably exceeds the size limit. You would have to upload the file to DropBox or something similar and post a link to it here.

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Correct… You can’t upload a RAW file here… You’d have to put it on a host somewhere and post a link to it here…

With the raw file and it’s wider dynamic range, you should be able to process a nice Ansel Adams effect with your shot.

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