DeFlicker for AI videos

Hey guys, with the popularity of Stable Diffusion and other Latent space diffusion projects, videos created with those models suffer from flickering because each frame has slight differences due to the diffusion process. There has been a lot of work in the community to try to reduce this using optical flow but recently using Da Vinci Resolves Deflickering node a few times seems to smooth out the flicking/jittery look. I think being able to add a option like that or a model to help smooth that out would capture a lot of attention and new users, especially from the large AI community.

Any thoughts on this ?

This came out a month ago but is a super pain to install/use an takes a long time.
since i cant post a link google this for github Blind Video Deflickering by Neural Filtering with a Flawed Atlas

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Agree would love to see this!

This indeed would be a great feature that, while being specific, could also be very useful for Topaz as it wouldn’t suprise me a lot of last year’s buyers did this to upscale / interpolate AI videos. I for sure did!