Deep Dream Generator is awesome

Many thanks to knokin for introducing the Deep Dream Generator web site. I played around some more this morning with an older image. The first image is the initial image taken earlier, then ran through one of the DDG image categories, then ran through Studio with Ai Remix and Viginet filters. Back to CS4 and slight tweek using the DDG image and The TS AI image Layer slightly reduced by opacity.

The first is the Original file, then the DDG image, then the AI Remix image. The DDG Image needed to be resized up a bit by CS 4 before beginning the TS AI work. Used the AI Remix filter that looks like stained glass (Wish the filters were named). Reduced the AI effect by half and then saved the image back to CS4 for some more tweaking.

I am amazed at the results achieved with the new AI and supporting filters etc…Thanks for looking.


Some very cool transformations …nicely done.


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Thanks for the link Jack…Awesome Creations there for sure.

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Great result

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Like the last image results.

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