De Noise Select parts

Can we get De noise on select parts. For example.

The back end of my Ferrari render the lights need to be De noised how ever if you apply the filter the lights look great the image as a whole looks like shit. Would be nice to select a region you want it applied too.

Do you only use DeNoise as a standalone?

Or, do you have a host appln. (like Photoshop or Studio 2) in which you can use it as a filter (and then create a mask to brush away areas you don’t want denoised)?

If you have Studio 2, you could also use its AI Clear filter and mask that.

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If you deploy DeNoise as a plugin to another host program (eg Photoshop, Affinity Photo) you can already do this fairly easily.

However, with DeNoise as stand-alone it will not be possible to do that.

I paid for the Stand alone bundle D/S/J/G for like $250 or so i think it was. What would be easier to to this in studio or photoshop? I do not own either

Well, Photoshop requires an ongoing subscription payment. The Adobe CC Photography plan includes Ps and Lightroom (+ some other misc bundled apps & nominal Cloud storage depending on amt you opt for). I believe it’s $10/month and you must commit to a 1 yr subscription when you renew. If/when you stop subscribing you lose access to the tools. You, of course, still retain the images you already processed. But, I know I don’t rely on Adobe’s Cloud to store my images… If you don’t know Ps there would be a bit of a learning curve!

Topaz Studio 2 is a one shot purchase. 3 of the current set of Topaz AI products work as plugins to it. Others may be added at some pt but no timeline is known on that… There are other great denoise tools, clarity and sharpening tools, etc. and fairly intuitive masking features in Studio 2. If your work is primarily artistic vs complex design or retouching oriented you will likely find Studio 2 easier to pick up. You can probably test a free trial of it if you want to chk out AI Clear (denoise) functionality combined with masking and more.

Studio just got new installers recently. Some folks are having “challenges” with the new installers. Another good reason to give the free trial a test drive to see how you like Studio 2!

Here’s one review with some comparisons (and other considerations noted) as an FYI:

There are also other options that cost less than either of those.

I downloaded Studio to give it a quick try i like it. I might try to do this in another program or other programs to see which one i like best.

I got the PM looking into that.

(Imgur compress my image a little but that is ok you can still see how well it worked)

final image came out great. I am going to knock the samples from 4000 to 1000 and do some tests. It was just killing my 3900x 10 hours per image just to clear up the back end when everything else is done @ 1000 samples.

This opens up a lot of options for me now.

Good idea! Side x side comparisons are always a useful thing. And, like cameras (which different folks like for different reasons beyond feature set - like how the balance feels in your hands or if it’s comfortable with your eye to the viewfinder, etc.) different types of software works better/worse for different people depending on what you plan to do with it and how much you want to geek around or not…

Good luck! Hope you find the right thing for your style and needs.