Day Tripper

Many thanks to Clay for the use of his great photo. You can see all of his images at:


Clay’s original image is very good and I love what you’ve done to it.

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I appreciate it Kathy, thank you …

Bob, you certainly get better with age. :smiley:

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Thanks much Ron…

Nice job!

Which Topaz products/looks did you use to achieve this?

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Not in front of my art computer, so just guessing…Adjust - Boost colors. Simplify BuzSim, and a texture layover. Next time I’m on my other computer, I’ll see if I can get the exact names for you …


Wanted to get back to you on the filters used for this.

  1. Adjust Boost
    2.Simplify BuzSim
    3.Impression Impasto I
  2. Impression Monet II
    I believe that is all of the …

Thank you!

I used to use BuzSim a lot. But haven’t for a while. You’ve motivated me to re-explore it. I like Topaz’s Impression looks too.

I appreciate you taking the time to look it up & reply!

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You just can’t beat the legacy Topaz plug-ins.


I’m with you on that, Kathy!


Just browsing through the show off area, how cool is this one. Really really nice work.

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Thank you and welcome to the forum …