Day of the Tiger

PS action & Simplify


very nice

Very good use of the “Artist” PS Action. Accomplished.

It’s an interesting and outstanding piece of work.

Thanks for sharing that with us. I would like to see the watercolor spots on the tiger painted out however, where they are obvious.

Very good work!

Super looking image …

Very nice capture and interesting capture and background.

Good point - does this look better?

It’s actually “Watercolor” by sevenstyles. Thanks for your nice comment. My first attempt, having been inspired by some of the images you posted to this forum (and also seen on Flickr)

I am flattered that I have inspired you. Seven Styles Artist and Watercolor actions are quite similar - the Artist action being essentially a Watercolor action with an added Sketch element. Your first attempts are really good. You might like the Seven Styles facebook group:-


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