Davinci Resolve input format?

Just got Davinci Resolve, with the intent to get the Studio edition (for HDR). To my dismay, Davinci Resolve kept saying ‘Media Offlne’ on my VEAI mp4 output file. Okay, so it can’t import mp4; so I converted to .m2ts, but still nada. Even a regular remuxed m2ts blu-ray file it can’t import.

So, what gives with Davinci Resolve? Is there any output format – generated by VEAI – it actually can import properly?

Wait, What? :flushed:

If resolve cannot read a file format, it simply won’t add it to the media pool. If it’s in the media pool and shows the message ‘Media Offline’, this indicates that a file was moved, access was blocked or the file is damaged.

Having used Resolve and VEAI in tandem for over a year, I can say with some certainty that I’ve never had an MP4 produced by VEAI rejected by resolve.

For better quality, and consequently higher file size, you could try .mov

It was the regilar Davince that didn’t do the 4:4:4 mp4. The Pro (Studio) does. Anyway, switched to just using ProRes for VEAI output now.