David Kelly's Topaz Studio Toolbox Painting Technique

Pexels CC0/Public Domain photo. There is a preset in the shared Google Drive (for shared Looks/Presets) named DKTP - available here in the TS2 folder.



Looks great Jack …

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Nice. My dropbox account (free) is full and I need to delete all the old shared stuff. Can I do that now?

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Big hand to you Jack to provide this to us and to those who contributed.

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All TS1 and TS2 shareable presest are in the Google Drive, so you may free-up the space on your DropBoxes!

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Jack, I downloaded the file but the extension is .ts2 and all my looks in Studio 2 have the extension of .tpr so the download is not recognized. How did you get it to work?

Thank you Jack, I’ll look into this on my other computer

I associated the filetype with Topaz Studio 2 - they opened when double-clicked!

OK, I double clicked it and it opened Studio 2 and it includes a picture. To have a look, use Save Look and it will create the look without the picture. Thanks Jack.

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