DAP painting source

@KenKv suggested Digital Auto Painter, a windows product that has a DAP Mac version, for creating painted images that could be incorporated into Topaz projectrs

I looked at the Mac version and found it very difficult to use from a file management point of view, then a day or two later they had an upgrade that improved file management.

The image for this picture was taken from a demo version, clipped to remove demo ID, blown up about twice (2000 to 4000 pixels per side) then finished with topaz smudge, AIR and Vignette.

With a little effort, looks like it could be worked into a Topaz work flow about where Impression or Abstraction is used


In general, DAP has a much wider gamut of artistic styles and presets than Impression. You can boost a very small picture up to 11200x11200 pixels in excellent quality (Glamour/Realistic and/or Reacrylic presets are best for retaining a realistic look).

The presets take longer to apply, and there are limited tools to change texture/canvas, HSL, and re-paining / re-touching - much better to let DAP finish and then use Topaz Studio.

I agree - DAP makes a fantastic first-stage in processing a photograph - for the excellent Topaz Studio to either improve on, or finish!

But DAP customer-service is almost non-existent (it is all done by Christian - on his own!)

I got tired of the trial Logo, so they recently had a sale (40% off) and I bought a licence!

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Thanks @Torcello

I had to get the Mac version, which appears to have no support.

The Save as seems to utilize the file name and permit saving as jpg, png or psd… no tif. You can save to the origen folder and can then revert to original and paint again in a diff style.

So without too much trouble you could try several diff styles for an image

Beautiful image and nice workflow!

There was no PC version for many years… the developer has recently released a beta for the Mac. It is an excellent piece of software (for artists), well-worth persevering with, and a natural match for Topaz Studio

Like Photoshop, it does have a “Revert to Original” button, which is cool, as it is easy to try different looks. I would like to have seen a facility to apply a second or third preset without having to stop and re-load!