Having lived in Hawaii now for 10 years, I’ve learned that getting a nice image of the hula, any kind of hula, for a number of reasons, is more difficult than it may seem. That said, I’m pretty happy with this one, which is actually a Tahitian dancer.


First very nice capture of colors,clean image!! 2nd what was used to help enrich that colorization and textures. Again very clean!

Very nice capture and processing! I might get rid of the wheel/car in the background, it is small but a little distracting. Was this taken at the Polynesian Cultural Center?

Good thought about the wheel. So, @beorn80, I used a couple low opacity Clarity Layers and a low opacity restyle layer, not sure which ones. The light was really great to begin with. And @KenKv, this was taken at the Waikaloa King’s Court on the Big Island. Thanks for asking. Can I somehow edit images here and replace them, with an updated image?