I thought I’d created an interesting look so I saved it. Tried it on another image and it was total rubbish. What I’d done was to use two different Looks and alter the blend mode between them, but when it saved it stripped away the packaging for each Look and poured all the contents into one. Not nice. Saving a Look has its limitations.


Has a comic book look to it …

You’re right. I often play around changing the order of the filters inside a Look. I’ve been using this limitation in this way: Since we currently can’t insert a filter into an existing Look’s layers, I add it outside on its own layer then re-save the Look. The re-saved Look now includes the filter I wanted to add and can interact with the original Look.

Being able to save “compound Looks” would be amazing!


Same problem with me
Slider positions seems to be same but if used different layer types had manually adjust them

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Very creative effect and very good point about Looks