Customisation for every model / Proteus

I’ve tried different models and many of these predefinied models are already out of the box really good, just depending on the source material. I like that I can make my own settings with Proteus, but why not give us the option to customize the settings for every model (with default settings of each model as suggestion)?
If there’s one setting which is not supported by one model, it just can be grayed out for example.

Or where I can see the settings for each model? Like sharpen, Recover details and so on.
For example: I am happy with the results of Artemis Medium, I just want a bit more dehaloing, the rest of the settings should stay the same.
If I knew the settings of Artemis MD I could set everything in Proteus and just change the slider for dehaloing, but without knowing the settings I have to start over again and spent more time to find the correct custom setting for every slider.

You’re maybe new to this software. the Artemis model is pretty old, and certainly the way how it’s make doesn’t allow it to change anything. that’s why proteus v1, v2 and v3 have been created. to make a model which offer setting. Certainly in the future, more model will offer more setting like proteus, as it’s what is done with other topaz products, just all this is still in developpement. I have high hope that it will be the norm at some point for all the future models as this request is not new.

Edit : The Gaia model is a discontinued one, it’s the last version which is in VEAI, they stopped to work on it.

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Hey Marty,

I made some more experiences with Gaia HQ and I am quite happy with the results especially when I transform a 720p video to 1080p. I tried all other modes but none recoveres more details. Fortunately the static noise/grain is not always an issue. May depend of the source file.

Greetings, Imo :slight_smile:

hey, i know i was just telling that the models will never be updated, so the probability to see it avalaible with setting feature is certainly close to zero. but like any models, it can be great for stuff that other are not.
hope you’re going ok too ! drop me a mail with some news !

I would like to but I accidently lost all email addresses when I replaced my laptop. :eyes:

Even if these models are old and will be not updated anymore, it would be interessing nevertheless to get to know the insights.
We could compare them to other/newer models and like I said adapt/tweak them in Proteus (as basis), accordingly to the source material.
If these models works the same like Proteus, just with not changeable predefinied settings we can’t see, it would be not much effort for Topaz to let us know in a forum post the numbers/percentage for each option.

Without this model, the software would be unnecessary for me. Gaia HQ V5 is the best/only choice for my type of videos. In other words: Please always offer Gaia in the future and don’t delete it! Thank you!

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they’ll not remove it, just saying that the developpement of these models are stopped, so the probability to have control setting on them is very low. (Proteus is if i remember, derived from Artemis).

I remember that all attempts to improve Gaia HQ further failed and made the result worse. Maybe we find new ideas to improve it later. :slight_smile: