Custom scaling bug

In version 7.1.1 I came across an annoying bug that you might have missed.

For me, custom scaling didn’t work in case I chose a scaling that wasn’t whole numbers (i.e.: 2,5x) : the program expects the decimal sign to be . (dot) , whereas in European countries the decimal sign is , (comma).
If I enter 2,5x as custom scaling, the program simply ignores everything behind the comma, resulting in 2,0x scaling. If I enter 2.5x as custom scaling, the border around the field becomes red and it doesn’t accept the value.

As a work-around I have had to enter windows settings to set the decimal sign to . (dot) , and now the 2,5 x scaling works as expected.

However, I hope you can fix this bug, as the program should work out-of-the box when using the program in countries who use the comma as a decimal sign.

This is something that we’ve seen before. If you’d like to give more information on how you were able to work around it, I would appreciate it!

I also faced with the same problem now. In the previous version we had not such problems…

I just upgraded Gigapixel till 7.1.1 and now I can not write in Scale Custom 3,5 or 2,5 or 2,1 etc. I can specify integers only. The programme won’t let me separate the tenths with a dot, and when I add a comma, it removes the digits after the comma and returns to an integer again. In the previous version I could always write any numbers with decimal places in Scale Custom…

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I went ahead and merged your post with this one since they were the same thing. Did you try the workaround that @m.giesbers listed above about changing their Windows settings?

I did. And now all is working. Thanks @m.giesbers and my husband-programmer. Suppose that a lot of people faced with such problems. The main thing that the previous version worked without any extra effort …

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This is good to know. I will definitely let my team know about this. I’m glad that you’ve got it up and running now.