Current Affairs: Hi-Res Audio 2024

Dear old horses, yes I know, this have been aired in previouser posts, but what with the sky-rocketing sucess and out of this world results of Topaz Photo A.I., and now Topaz Video A.I., the stage is set for Hi-Res Audio Upscaling, so please pull some strings, make some calls, slip it across, mean to say, the jolly old American way of introducing bright schemes, and put Audio Hi-Res Upscale at the agenda next board-meeting, so you can at least give me an updated brush-off.

Although of course, I now see that having actually gathered around the table at the next Topaz board-meeting, a chappie would seem tolerably rum if he took the floor, then had to excuse himself while he walked over to the Grandfather Clock in the corner, pulling the strings