Curling feathers

Processed with a little radiance and color theme

Saw an image that had curly feathers and thought I would like to be able to make my feathers curl … now I know how to do it I think I may have to visit the bird park and do some collecting :slight_smile: … did find some others around the house


very cool - what is your technique, if I may ask

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Love all of them :two_hearts::ok_hand:t3:

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Excellent series Sharon.

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Flick feathers curl in a similar way to curling ribbon. running a blade (knife or scissors) across the feather parts. I just You-tubed curling feathers and found a couple of videos.


thanks Shazzy - I thought you had done the curling electronically - but I like it anyway

Very nice & in any case you seem to have hit on a nice theme to pursue, particularly if you have a ready source of plumage.

Flick this is one I did a while ago using motion blur :slight_smile:


All very nicely done

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The softness of these images are beautiful.

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Very cool, interesting work