Cropping and upscaling

I have a video file with .vob. It was taken from VHS tape and converted to DVD a few years ago. The file is PAL 720x576 25fps interlaced

I have deinterlaced video using Topaz using DV 2x FPS

The new source file is now 720x576 (1:07:1 SAR) @ 50fps.

I want to crop the black bars from left and right and to crop top and bottom of the video to have a clean video. After desired cropping it comes to 696x548.

My question is
Should I upscale directly to 1440x1080 by using square pixel and cropping to fill or is there a better method.

Please advice.

hi, I have just overcome this banding problem that I also have on my SD videos, in fact I use stabilization at around 10 in cropping, with scaling in HD. it’s just enough to cover the bands and on top of that, the video is stabilized a little. I tried with the crop function directly without stabilization, but by doing that, the quality is much worse…

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I’ve seen too many videos stretched. Black bars on the sides is a sure way to stop that from ever happening.

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using my method, the definition is the same as the original, just the image a little more zoomed in due to stabilization, but it gives this:

  • original

  • stabilized hd

and to do things well, the best is to crop the image before any modification to ensure that you have the same size to crop between the 4 edges of the image, like this :

cadrage 3

the advantage of black edges on each side and that we can stabilize slightly without losing the edges of the video (in my case I pushed the stabilization well so the HD image lost a little.

Thank you so much for taking time and sharing these images with me.

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I use Anymp4 to set the Cropping 16 to 9 and choose pan and scan and full believe me no need for black left and right

Yes another tool you have to learn

for some reason it works for h264 exports but the black comes back when i choose H265 as if the metadata is not read correctly from the input file

often I have to merge old . trp files to mp4 in any mp4 yes my recordings are from 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

The best combination for me seems to be artemis HQ 2 X then dione SD cleanup for this type of recordings to play on my LG TV from my Mediaplayer open pli

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from the moment it records in h264 or h265, especially with anymp4, I doubt it will export without loss, even if the crops work well, the video must necessarily lose quality as a result. the best solution is as I say to center the original video with an equal excess border on the sides (by doing this, the resolution is original) and to apply stabilization which will automatically crop the 4 edges . :wink: the only problem is that neither with hybrid nor with VAI I can shift the frame to equalize…
with hybrid maybe we can but I haven’t found it.

original :

cropping :

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I still use Anymp4 with the same original settings as it is an option and same output

Nothing more than my Satreceiver mediaplayer does for my content when set to auto 4 :3 is automatically adjusted either by my sat receiver in the old days or by my tv the transposing is without visible loss of quality and anymp4 gives many many cropping options and is a good way to prehandle files that have lost metadata where topaz will stumble over like slow playing or refusing to import

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I’ll try it then, but can we move the frame without cropping like in my example? I had a doubt that it re-encodes well without loss, I’m going to see that :wink:

can I have a link for anymp4? It’s said everywhere that it’s a video converter, not to mention cropping.

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if You choose a profile there are many mp4 profiles… therefore any
you can choose to 16:9 then to Edit then choose crop then you can play and stretch pan and scan full whatever you think seems best simply play the original to see how you can remove the black naturally

MP4 Converter - Convert DVD/All Popular Videos to MP4 | AnyMP4

I just tried and it’s not great… no option to move the frame, in fact I just want to move the frame without crop or zoom etc… just to balance the gaps on the 4 sides to have lossless stabilization borders.

original :

cropped :

looks like vegas pro which is different than the blue anymp4 Video converter software

did you understand what I wanted to do with the video? yes it’s vegas pro, it’s to show you roughly that I just want to move the frame without cropping, while keeping the resolution 720x576. with anymp4 we can’t do that unfortunately

Yes I misunderstood You need this
How to Crop a Video on Windows 10/11 - Beginner Methods (

It doesn’t work with this software either, it’s impossible to move the frame without cropping. with vegas it works, too bad, I’m going to re-encode all my videos with vegas pro, all to center the video with borders of the same size :')

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Ok the journey ends here then at least learned what other community users use and are challenged with.