Crop tool

It was very convenient to have the crop button on the timeline. Now it is buried under the Edit tab, or cumbersome 3-key keyboard command. Could you squeeze it back in there?

It only works on export right now, but it’s not gone…

So what product that’s not TVAI are you talking about?

Indeed, I noticed they moved it to the other side of the display. The workflow has changed a bit. And, this is the TVAI discussion board, what product do you think I’m talking about? You can’t be that… Oh wait, I get it… you were just making a childish little quip that self-important egos typically use to make their miserable selves feel just a little bit better… smh… Carry on… lmao

Sorry the title conflicts with the content. ‘Bring back’ implies it was removed completely. Somehow that implication didn’t leave my mind even after reading the full post. Reading it again, it still sounds like you only see it in the edit menu that also lists the keyboard shortcut key. Since it’s off to the right and not only in the edit menu, I started to wonder if we were looking at the same program.

Perhaps I should have clarified… Bring it back to the timeline, as it is no longer there… I truthfully did not see it in its new completely different location until after I made the post. And as many times as I read your reply, it is still nothing short of a snarky, condescending reply that was wholly and completely uncalled for… My original statement about that is valid and now confirmed. Go take a look at the topic, and you will see which program I was talking about… Or were you just not aware of the topic?

There are usually a few topics created each month in here for PhotoAI.
We were both wrong here. I’m not going to make it worse by editing my post. I’d rather everyone see how wrong I can be.