Crop in Topaz Photo AI


I would have one question or suggestion.

I suggest the following “fix” in Topaz Photo AI: If I want to crop the image, I must have to click the Crop button. The next thing I need to do is to unlock (the lock to the right of the Original Ratio inscription) the lock. Only then I can crop the photo.

The problem is, that I must have to repeat the process every time, when I open the program again. Every time. And it gets really annoying with a lot of photos.

Could you adjust the program in such a way (as it is solved in say Photoshop) that if I click on the lock once and unlock it, it remains unlocked by default. Also, if I close and reopen the program?

Thank you


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Where is this Crop Button? I’m on Topaz Photo v1.3.3

Just check the interface, Crop is spelled out:

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Thank you. But…
I know where the CROP button is. What I want is for the programmers to fix the Topaz Photo AI program so that I don’t always have to unlock this button, but the program remembers how I worked with this button last time and can when I return to the program again (open Topaz Photo AI again ), I’m working with cropping the way I set up cropping the last time I worked with Photo Topaz AI. So that I don’t need to click on the lock (Custom) again every time after I click on the Crop button. So, all I wrote was to suggest to the programmers what could be improved in the program. This is how it works in Photoshop cropping, for example.

I wasn’t responding to you, if you see the reply it is to will sanchez, he asked where the crop button is.