Crash in the Desert

Futuristic flying car has to make an unexpected landing on an stretch of desert highway in the south western USA.

The flying car is a 3D object I modeled in 3D Coat. The background desert is a free stock photo. The flying car was also textured in 3DCoat 4.8 and a 3DCoat render of the flying car was composited into the desert photo in Photoshop CC 2017.
Topaz Simplify (Buz Sim) and Topaz Impression 2.0 (Edward Hopper II) were blended in Photoshop. Smoke & birds were painted in using ArtRage 5.0.


Pretty cool image

Nicely done Ken …

Very cool image.

Very creative!

Agree, creative and great result …

You have created a very cool looking comp image with your edits… it’s a very effective result.

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Thanks kindly for viewing and commenting…

Fun image, very creative!