CR3 files support?

Still no support for CR3 files? Why?

The version of LibRAW used in topaz products does not support CR3.

So why are they not using the version of LightRaw that does??

It is not LightRaw but LibRAW, you can ask Topaz at the main website by raising a support request.

Yes, mistyped. I use LibRaw, so I’m annoyed at spending a lot of money for the Topaz suite only to find it doesn’t support CR3. I see complaints about this now, dating from a year ago, so that’s pretty bad.

My advice to you is that you use a proper RAW processor until Topaz can update the processing. You will get much better results from other RAW processors as the current apps are really not focused on RAW because they are specialist apps.

I forgot to mention anyway that the only application that lets you adjust a RAW file is only Studio 2.

Thanks Don, I’m sure you mean well. My hope in posting here was that i would get a response from the developers.
I have no problem handling Canon RAW files in many other applications - Lightroom, Photoshop, Canon DPP4 and FastRawViewer all work with CR3. My mistake was to fall for the hype from Topaz and think i was buying professional software.

Actually you should remember that ONLY Studio has a similar, although lessor, function to the apps you mentioned.

DeNoise, GigaPixel, Sharpen & Adjust are simply single function specific applications and JPEG to RAW only works with JPEG images.

Most of us use RAW processors and send the resulting images to those applications for specific processing operations because they are best in class.

In my case I use Capture One primarily or ON1 Photo RAW or Affinity Photo. It is a false expectation to expect that DeNoise, GigaPixel, Sharpen & Adjust should work well with RAW images as they are NOT designed to process RAW images.

Don, Thank you for your responses. It would be easy to respond sarcastically (JPEG to RAW only works with JPEG!) but I will refrain. Topaz need to make it clear in their ads that they don’t support RAW if they have no intention of doing so. Paying this much for the complete suite, I don’t expect to have to pre-process.
As for being best in class, maybe, who knows. I have tried a few JPEGS, but tbh the Apple Photo app seems to do just as good a job at denoise and sharpening, but maybe my images are too good to start with.

I have been able to use the AI programs and Topaz Studio 2 with CR3 files but it is super slow and not consistent. Topaz was communicating via email and then it stopped with no problem resolution and they never asked what type of files I used.

It is not possible to open CR3 images directly through the applications, you will get this message:


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They don’t support CR3???!! I am a new user and my imagination wasn’t prepared for something as crazy as that. I am at a lose for words and sadly I might have to try to get a refund. How can they not support something this basic?

Eric, That was a year ago! CR3 are supported now