CPU or GPU? Which One to improve

I know there are many questions about what specifically to buy, but this is a more general question. Is it generally better to improve the CPU or GPU to get better performance? I have a newish GPU (RTX 3060) and an oldish Intel i7 6-core CPU. The machine will only be used for VAI. GPU prices are very high and I don’t know whether a new one would be hampered by my CPU/MB combination. So the question is: where to spend the money?

In your case, an RTX 3060 is pretty good. A new CPU might get you some more speed, but before buying one, check out the benchmark thread and search for 3060. See if others are getting better speeds than your machine.

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both cpu and gpu are quite good. I don’t think a new cpu will help that much here.

Thanks for your reply!

yeah, probably it will already be diminishing return if you upgrade your CPU. your CPU in general doesn’t take most of the heat, it’s mainly on your GPU that takes it, that is how VAI was designed.

Have a 12 Core AMD CPU with RTX 3060 ( 12gb VRAM)
The computer originally had 1660 Super.
The upgrade to the RTX 3060 cut render times in half.
I think there would be some advantage to say a RTX 4070, but not worth $500.

That said, I may still upgrade the GPU again, not for better performance on Topaz Video AI, but for better
performance on Resolve. The Canon R5 10 bit video files have a codec that’s not liked by Nvidia GPU’s.