Correcting Chromatic Aberration?

Using Topaz Labs, how do you go about correcting chromatic aberration in a photo?

In Topaz Studio the easiest way is to choose Lens Corrections, it is the third icon under the LH side of the display, and then shift the Defringe R Channel and/or Defringe B Channel (Red & Blue) sliders to remove the CAs/fringing.


Thanks Don. I knew there had to be an easier way than what I was trying. LOL

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Did they remove it in Studio 2? I don’t see it.

It is on the roadmap.

What does that mean?

As you asked, it isn’t removed but lens corrections are on the roadmap for inclusion.

Studio 2 was not released with all Studio 1 functionality, and RAW conversion are not yet supported but it can be used.


I can’t see Lens Corrections on the Studio 2 roadmap, but maybe the one I’m looking at isn’t current. When was it last updated.

Lens Corrections will be there when the RAW conversion is updated, Lens Corrections handles CA’s but the roadmap hasn’t been updated for a couple of months. And, I quote you from another thread on the same subject where you received this reply from Support:

"There is no faulty update or a manufacturing error and it’s not a new issue. I don’t know why it suddenly started to show on your computer, but it’s not new or something that was broken in an update. Studio 2 was built from the ground up separately from Studio 1 and in the future will interact differently with raw files than Studio 1. At the moment, I must stress that Studio 2 does not technically support raw files and we do not consider it to be a raw editor , though we do expect a more seamless raw editing capability in the future…”*

Hi @AiDon,
Thanks for the response. I understand that Lens Correction is normally part of the RAW conversion processing, but on the roadmap I’m looking at (Late August 2019) there is no mention in “Coming Soon”, or even “A Little Bit Later” of RAW processing at all. The only reference I have to the future of RAW in Studio 2 is in the response I received from Technical Support, which you quoted.

We will just have to wait for the “more seamless raw editing capability”, personally I use alternative RAW editors for all Topaz plugins/external editors and there are even free raw editors that do a better job such as DarkTable, RAW Therapee, UFRAW etc.

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