Copy settings from one photo to a selection of others

Once an entire folder (or selection) of images are loaded, the ability to make a change on one image, and apply it to part of the batch that was loaded and not the entire batch.

In some cases, the AI will chose strong sharpening, but regular is a better fit. I can manually select it for that photo, but if I took a high speed sequence of shots, having to manually change 10-30 photos is a pain. So if I could select the settings for that one photo and then paste them into a selection of other photos, that would be great.

I could do my folder of photos in smaller batches, but then i risk forgetting a photo, or whatever.

I agree. If you are taking 1,000’s of photos you need a simple copy current settings which then allows you to select X amount of photos in the queue (supporting crtl click as well as shift click) right click and then have “apply current settings”. This shouldn’t be difficult to do and would make a world of difference to those photographer working with large volumes of photos.

You can see that the tool is targeted at casual users doing no more than 20 photos at a time. I have previously stated that they should allow a batching process to occur where you can save the settings for 100’s of different batches and then process them as a group. This would allow you to run them overnight when electricity is cheaper.

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gigapixel already solved this with its row/column select bold change color selection interface, and not just for all settings it only applies changed settings. So you can have subset of images and a subset of settings that you want to change. So please try that UI if you have that older tool (if not they bundle the old tools for cheap upgrades)

For example just the rez on these, just the ai enhance model on those, just the sharpness slider on that - and each of those sets could have venn diagram intersections.

Significantly easier to use than a thumbnail view, this is why Windows offers both types of views for decades. Sometimes you want to see all the details across more files so you can more easily select and verify the changes are applied correctly and this is far easier with column lists and row details.

Another option that I think should be added that sort of is in line with this… it is the ability to select Standard sharpening and use that across a selection. While that can sort of be done now, it copies and uses the same values across all photos instead of using AI. I find sometimes strong sharpening is too much and standard looks better, but if I copy it across the entire selection it uses the same values instead of analyzing the photos and using proper values.

This is what gigapixel already did, whatever you edit applies to selected. Edit a value then they all get that value, toggle on auto then they all run auto to get their values, but auto can be auto choose model or manual choose model and get auto parameters.

The only thing it does not do is show you the value that auto would pick but of course that is not known until it is processed. Still would be nice if the spreadsheet view would update like “auto(value)” after the processing so you can see at a glance if anything is falling out of line that needs a closer look.

I am not expecting it to tell me what values it will use ahead of time. However, I would like to be able to choose auto settings, on a specific model. So out of 1000 photos in a batch, the ability to select 100 (for example) of them, have it use the standard sharpening model for those 100, but also have it use auto parameters for those 100 photos which were set to use the standard sharpening model.

Right now, the only way is to do the 1000 in smaller chunks. Load in each mini batch separately. However, that is not really convenient. I do not know ahead of time which model works better. I do spot check, and notice that sometimes strong sharpening is way too strong and looks bad.

This is exactly how you can use gigapixel, as I said you can subset settings and photos. Those settings can be all auto, or choose model but with auto param, or choose manual param. Basically the way it works is anything changed in the settings panel gets applied to the subset of photos. It does not apply the parameter values unless you change the parameter values themselves. It would then show you in the spreadsheet style interface if auto parameter or manual parameter is set using color coding (yellow is auto)

You can do the spot checks because the spreadsheet style interface can include (or not) the previewer. So you can easily change usage modes on the fly.

Good to know. I never used giga so I never personally experienced how it is set up. Let us hope that they implement this in Photo AI.

Swing some votes my way if you can since that is all they seem to look at!

Yes, I think I have a similar issue. I take a lot of wildlife photos and like to preprocess before I choose the ones to work on. For many of these I find Motion blur is very useful and usually the autopilot selects an a reasonable setting. I often have several similar shots and it would be immensely useful to be able to preselect Motion blur and sharpening as a preset (or any other setting you might prefer) It can be very time consuming to select these manually over several shots. I think others have mentioned something similar is available in some of the other Topaz software.

I would like to be able to select a group of photos and have photo table is AI apply auto pilot settings to all and then to save them. I would also like to be able to do the same, but to apply specific, save the settings to all, and then have them saved

Wish settings would return to autopilot after closing and reopening. I run autopilot and then adjust settings from there for each image. However I have to reset to autopilot each time I reopen Photo AI for a new image.

There are a few autopilot preference settings hidden under the colon in the upper right corner of screen. Check that out.

Thanks but I don’t see anything there to rectify the issue.