Converting from DV AVI to H265 is about a 20:1 time ratio

I am converting on a series 9 I9 CPU with and RTX 2080i processor. For a 3 minute clip , it is taking about a hour. Does that seem right?

What AI model?
Sadly, that does sound possible.

AI Model Dione DV 2x FPS

It depends. It’s hard to predict as the .avi wrapper can take many forms.
I’ve had videos that fly and others that I think, do I want to wait that long.
I have a 13900k & 4090. Sometimes if you are looking at usage it’s just not taking up all that much bandwidth. On your Nvidia card under GPU on Windows (right click on display on your desktop) , do you have it set up to put the load on the video card?
Also is 3D rendering enabled under the Nvidia G-force app?


I don’t know the resolution of the video being processed, so I can’t help you, but if it’s 1080i (29.97 fps) in NTSC, that’s about right.
If it is 480i, that takes too long.

On modern CPUs and GPUs, differences in decoding load due to differences in encoding formats have little effect on processing time.
It is how many pixels are processed, such as resolution and fps, that has an impact.

For example, if a Cinemascope size (2.35:1) video is recorded in 1080p, the processing time can be reduced by cropping the top and bottom black frames and processing them as 1920 x 817.

Haven’t checked the 3 D rendering on Nvidia yet. Thanks for the feedback

It is 480i. DV format